Hamstring massage

All massage can be therapeutic and relaxing when it meets the client’s needs to support their body healing on many levels. Organic or natural aromatherapy essential oils, hydrotherapy moist towels and hot packs, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) techniques, Cranio Sacral, muscle energy technique, and passive stretching are some of the tools employed in my sessions.  I use a blend of organic jojoba oil and alba lotion.

Swedish Massage

Highly valued among massage enthusiasts, this classic type of relaxation massage includes long, soothing strokes with gentle to firm pressure inducing relaxed muscles, tension relief, improved blood flow, increased range of motion, and lymphatic system stimulation.  Includes foot and scalp massage.

Deep Tissue

Designed to break the stress-tension-pain cycle by relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, and bringing the body into balance, Deep Tissue massage employs slower strokes with more direct pressure across the muscle grains.  It is often used to address soft tissue injuries and relieve muscular pain.

Hot Stone back massage

Hot Stone Back Massage

Helpful for those who experience recurring muscular back tension and enjoy a deeper massage.  Hot basalt stones with warm oil can boost circulation while promoting complete relaxation.  

These smooth hot stones on your back  is a lovely addition to any massage session.