About Me

.. Anna Duval.  Since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to hands-on, healing work and to expressing my care for others.  Looking back, this first expressed as a child and teen when I passionately rode and trained horses.  I had a gift in making a strong intuitive connection with horses, which translates to my work with people.  Then in my twenties, I became a dedicated yoga practitioner who often assisted in classes. Practicing yoga, I am learning a lot about physical movement and body awareness, which guides me in how I move people on the table and how I offer suggestions for stretching and self-care.
While I’ve loved receiving various forms of massage through the years, it wasn’t until I moved to southern Oregon in 2009 that I realized it was my calling. 

Anna Duval

I strive to create a relaxing physical and energetic space for my clients.  In my experience, this opens a person to deeper physical work and potential change.  When someone is tense and uncomfortable for the whole session, the work I do is just not as effective.  My work is deceptively deep.  I draw from a toolbox of techniques, often blending long water-like strokes with focused points of compression to encourage deep relaxation and release.  

I love working directly with each person and am continually struck by the uniqueness of their individual needs.  I tailor each session individually because each person shows up in a completely different way.  Given how personal each session is, I have deep respect for the trust my clients have in my work.

Living in the small, beautiful town of Talent with my husband Jefferson, I spend time in many ways.. practicing yoga, gardening, cooking and baking delicious food, enjoying friends and family, traveling as well as nesting at home..